Lighting Columns

Corrosion of street lighting columns is now recognised as a major safety and environmental problem in the United Kingdom. Rose Corrosion have been at the forefront of developing techniques - both monitoring and control - to combat the problem since 1994. Techniques have been designed and developed to evaluate corrosion problems below and above ground level. To date we have carried out inspection on 150,000 columns.

Monitoring techniques employed include:

  • Proprietary electrochemical techniques for monitoring below ground level corrosion levels
  • Ultrasonic techniques for monitoring above ground sections
  • Detailed visual examination (examinations carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the Institution of Lighting Engineers - ILE)
  • Comprehensive reports which include results and recommendations are available in both standard and electronic format
  • Electrochemical techniques using cathodic protection and Isozin Zinc Tape are also available for the control and prevention buried and above sections of street furniture

Approximately 27,000 columns in the United Kingdom now incorporate control measures supplied by Rose Corrosion. The technique provides a simple and extremely cost effective method of providing protection against buried pipe corrosion which will last for up to 35 years.

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