About Us

Rose Corrosion Services (RCSL), based in Telford, UK, is a world class company specialising in Chemical Injection and Corrosion Monitoring and Inhibition, working in the Oil, Gas and Refining industries, RCSL has over 20 years of successful experience working both in the UK and worldwide and is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

The origins of RCSL can be traced back to 1976 and its evolution until today has been an amalgamation of several well-respected names from the industry. RCSL's roots lie within the following companies: - Rohrback Corporation , Cosasco, Grant Oil Tool Company and Rohrback Cosasco.

RCSL Corrosion Monitoring and Chemical Injection systems are now sold throughout the world via a chain of 26 Distributors and Agents. RCSL products are compatible and interchangeable with similar equipment manufactured by others including Cormon, Caproco, Rohrback Cosasco, Metal Samples and Corrocean.