Allow access to pressurised areas without process shutdown

The Model 600 Access Valve Assemblies are designed to allow access to pressurised areas without process shutdown at pressures up to 2000psi (138 barg).

The assembly consists of a Threadolet, pipe nipple, full bore ball valve and a 5" inter-joint pipe nipple. These items are available in almost any material to suit the client's requirement.

NOTE: The 5" nipple is used as standard, and is suitable for all probe elements except coupon holding shields which require a 9" nipple.

All items comply with NACE standard MR0175, for materials resistant to sulphide stress cracking.

Flanged Outlets to connect with a pipeline or vessel mating flange are also available.

The Model 600 Access Valve Assembly accommodates all RCSL Corrosion Monitoring retractable probes. This includes Electrical Resistance, Linear Polarisation Resistance, Coupon Holder, Injection Tubes and Nozzles, Hydrogen, Sand and Galvanic Probes.


In the example shown, the components are as follows:

1.  Threadolet

2.  Pipe nipple

3.  Full bore ball valve

4.  Inter-joint nipple with side thread for bleed valve

5.  Thread adaptor

6.  RT4000 packing gland (the RT4000 is sold separately)

7.   Safety chain

8.   Bleed valve

9.   RT4000 coupon holder rod (the RT4000 is sold separately)

10. Corrosion coupon


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